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The Power of Beauty When Aging: Part 3

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

We've shared the power of a traditional look, combining Spring and Summer hues and the importance of moisturizing and adding lip liner for sustained color throughout the day. We will finalize this by sharing tips to complete your look.

Don't overlook those nails:

Try basic nudes or French nail treatment if you want to make this look your own.

The goal is to keep from overdoing it. If you're going to wear a splendid red or pink, you can do so on your toes.

We all love a splash of color, and if you apply it to your feet, who will know? Besides, there is a large selection of colors for your toes. You'll find that flaunting your uniqueness on your toes can be fun.

The right shade of lip color paired with a nice pair of open-toe avant-garde a la ode shoes can add an exquisite touch to an outfit and show your incredible sense of fashion.

Assume responsibility with style:

For the lady who will be the CEO of her own organization: It's time to discover control inside yourself starting today!

Begin today by assuming responsibility for your identity and style, and you will see how your influence rises in the latest fashion and trends. Combine intelligence and a body loaded in a style that screams "certainty," and you can stroll by the corridor mirror and say to yourself, "Damn, I sure look good!" With confidence, you can know that you pulled a look together and made it yours.

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