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Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Full Set

The most popular nail enhancement. Liquid monomer and powdered polymer are mixed together and formed into nails using a layering, brush technique. It may be built over plastic tip extensions or your own natural nails.

Acrylic Full Set $40+

Acrylic Full Set w/ Gel Polish $55+

Acrylic Fill-In $28+

Acrylic Fill-In w/Gel Polish $43+

Pink and White

Pink and white are popular due to the classic, natural look achieved and its durability. Lovely, shiny nails in less than an hour. Never wears off and is non-yellowing. The white powder is used for nail edge, two shades of pink for the nail bed.

 Pink & White Full Set $58+

Ombre Full Set $65+

Fill-In Pink Only $30+

Fill-In Pink and White $53+ 

Dipping Powder

Natural nail system. No odor, no liquid, no primer, and no UV light. Helps grow your nails out stronger and healthier by adding 5 different kinds of Vitamins and calcium.

Color Full Set $45+

Color Full Set w/ Takeoff $48+

Color Full Set w/ Tips $50+

French Style $50+

Add-On Services

French Style $5

Regular Polish Change - Fingers $10

French Style Polish Change - Fingers $15

Gel Polish - Fingers $25  

Buff and Shine $5

Matte Top Coat $5

Custom Shape $5

Acrylic Removal $15

Dip/Gel Removal $10

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