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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress
Permanent Makeup & Lash Extension Services

Nanoblade Brows $550

Nanoblading vs. Microblading:

Nanoblading is similar to microblading. The difference is that nanoblading uses a smaller needle than microblading. Precision and accuracy improve because of the smaller needle, allowing for more natural-looking results.

A smaller needle also means less pain and bleeding. Another difference involves how long the results last. Microblading may only last up to 12 months, whereas nanoblading may last up to three years.

Permanent Lip Blushing $550

What is lip blushing?

This service is a lip tattoo that enhances and defines your lips. It can help to enhance and even out the natural color of your lips, or add color if you are lacking pigment. The lips will appear to have a natural tint. 

Permanent Eyeliner $350

Novalash Eyelash Extensions

Full Set Single Strands $165

Fill (2 weeks) $70

Fill (3 weeks) $80

Fill (4 weeks) $90

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