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Herbal Foot Soak

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Foot pain, a common health issue in the United States, goes unnoticed and impacts approximately 9 out of 10 people. Our feet are considered two of the most precious parts of our body and two of the most undervalued. Foot pain can cause a range of problems like backaches, headaches, bad posture, and more. One pleasant approach to caring for your feet is soaking them in a soothing herbal foot bath.

Foot baths containing flowers are a great way to loosen up after a long day. The spa is incredible; however, you will save a bundle when choosing this DIY Herbal foot bath. Not only will your feet feel 100% better after a herbal foot soak, but you will also experience clarity in your mind and thoughts, and you will feel rested and comforted.



2 cups of dried herbs (see listing and descriptions from instructions)

2 gallons of distilled water

½ cup baking soda

½ cup of Epsom salt

1 large pot or foot tub

1 large Dipper

1 towel


First, wash your feet with cleaning soap and water, and then towel dry before dipping your feet. Next, bring the water to a boil in a large pot, add the desired amount of dried herbs, salt, and baking powder, and let simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Place the large pot or a foot tub over a towel on the floor and allow it to sit for 10 minutes or until the soak is warm and sufficient to touch.


There are a variety of special herbs available with specific capabilities to choose from, used for foot health, that can be purchased at pharmacies, natural health shops, and online.

Lavender is potent and has traditionally been used in baths to purify and cleanse the body, mind, and thoughts. It is also used to deal with insomnia, tension, and other aches. Additionally, Lavender has antifungal and antibacterial benefits and is a relaxing fragrance.

Ginger has been used as a conventional remedy in Asia for many years. It has a very sturdy antioxidant and has been used to alleviate aches that stem from skin disease and irritations for hundreds of years.

Chamomile has a calming effect, is also used in skincare products, and appeases emotional stress.

Peppermint is a good herb for foot baths and soaks due to its antiseptic components. The cooling effect has a terrific impact on worn-out, swollen, and sore toes.

Peppermint also enables a reduction in redness and inflammation of the skin, improves blood flow, relieves itching, and removes pollution.

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