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The Power of Beauty When Aging: Part 2

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Achieving a "certain look"

Have you ever heard the phrase "faking certainty?" The notion is tied to faking a specific look as we progress toward achieving a particular identity. Keep in mind that looking great is a mindset, and when you look great, you feel confident.

When working toward achieving specific beauty goals, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Purifying Back to essentials:

Similarly, as with all makeup, one needs to begin with a clean saturated face. The goal is to end up with a chic and refreshed look. Think exciting, as in motion picture star styled (i.e., Ava Garner, Marilyn Monroe). It will be like bringing their faces into today's trendy fashion.

Be smart:

There's a recognizable difference between a clean, confident-looking individual and a profane tart, so be cautious. You can pull off your own intense look without going overboard. Even if you overdo it at first, you can always remove everything and try again until you get it down.

The traditional look:

Not all women prefer a bare face and lip-shine. Some enjoy wearing the entire made-up look; some simply cherish the Vogue fashion hues!

This look doesn't require you to wear lipstick or lip moisturizing gloss; however, in doing so, you are introducing it into today's fashion world. A more traditional looks also mean avoiding those over culled eyebrows as well.

The solid yet enticing lady:

There was a time when women wore solid lipstick combined with a dull eye look. This was not the type of woman that you disturbed!

She typically wears Teal eye shadow on her eyelids and Coral lipstick with a hint of sparkle on her lips. Her quality radiates through the hues, presenting a look we have covertly desired without knowing how to pull it off.

Having the capacity to demonstrate precisely how solid we are, by what we wear to what we do, and how we are seen by others, is essential. There are many ways to pull this look off without subtracting from who or what you are. Additionally, many who are leading the way should take a step away from the camera while others need to be in the front driving. Who would you like to be today?

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